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Support me if it brings you joy.

 Support me when it pleases you,
to let my work continue and grow.

I also make these videos, 
because nothing else gives me such joy, 
and nothing else gives me 
such wonderful energy.

Joy is a good compass.

Thank you!

I would like to thank all those who already support this project with their membership. To experience support already at this early stage, that encourages and touches me so much.

Every single contribution is so valuable!
My special thanks go...

to Germany to
Mona Lange, Stefan Hiene, Miles-Bennet Eigler, Arpitam, Prafula, Amala, Grit, Jens-Uwe Hummel, Amara, Stephanie Moeckl

to Austria to
Waltraut, Pavitra, Monika

into Switzerland to
Therese, Rita, Josefina, Barbara-Maria, Barbara Müller

to Canada to

and to those who don't want to be mentioned.


Samarpan Meditation – free of charge for everybody

A note on my own behalf

Dear Friends!

In almost every one of my videos, I talk about Samarpan Meditation. I had already been on my spiritual path for 20 years and was happy and content when this gift from the Himalayas came to me and gave my life a completely new direction – the direction inside, an "inside" that I had not known until then.

However, Samarpan Meditation has nothing to do with me. I have simply been a meditator since 2017, just like thousands of other people around the world. The meditation is brought to society by Shivkrupanand Swamiji, my Indian guru.

It is free, accessible to everyone and not bound to any religion. In Germany and all over the world, it is spread by non-profit associations and people working on a voluntary basis. Participation in introductions to the meditation and meditation groups are also free of charge everywhere.

I give people the opportunity to support me and my videos by becoming a member. This might give the impression that this support is related to Samarpan Meditation, but this is not the case: it is always free and completely independent of me.

In Germany, the official contact for Samarpan Meditation is the non-profit association "Samarpan Meditation Deutschland e.V.". I have compiled links to the association's website and their official information on Samarpan Meditation, meditation groups, introductions and online meditations which you can find here.