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Dhyan Mikael

Excuse me, is this the way to Heaven?

Satsang & Videos

I share with you about
what is possible for every human being
and yet no one believes possible.

I tell you about what is possible:

how life and doing happens,
without the feeling of being the doer;
without fear and pressure, miraculously carried
by that which always was and always is.

This is the beginning of the
return to paradise
– while you are alive.

This is your possibility.
This is your goal.

It has never been easier.

From the welcome video of 5/1/2023If I can find my way to Heaven, you can too.

Buddha in der schönen Morgensonne

What to expect here...

...and what not

Yes, it's true: happiness is possible. Heaven is within reach, the path to paradise is absurdly simple and short.

But everything you try fails, and you doubt yourself and the world.

And yet you keep searching, and yet you are here. You know there is the goal, you know there is the way.

Knowledge can be learned from books and in courses but not this goal, not this way. It is something that passes from the master to the student, from the saint to the disciple, from the one who has arrived to the one who is seeking. It is subtle, inexpressible, almost secret. It cannot be taught, but it transmits itself, gradually, naturally, with time.

I have the unheard-of luck to have met a living master and a living saint. What becomes possible through this is difficult to put into words. By sharing about it again and again in my videos, you will experience me, my openness and my patience, and this will inspire you for your own path, no matter what it may look like.

What you won't find here is the "happy forever in just 3 days" crash course or the secret recipe for an instant breakthrough to enlightenment. There are already plenty of offers for such detours.

But if you don't want to waste any more time and really want to discover where heaven is and how to get back to paradise, then you've come to the right place. I am a student, a learner, just like you. What I experience, you can experience too. You need nothing more than a little patience.

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Frequently asked questions

and their answers

Why do you actually make videos?

For over 20 years, during my life of travel with the spiritual master Soham, I have seen thousands of people every year who were searching for lasting happiness, for true peace, for God.

Without knowing it, however, most of them were closed to the very thing they were seeking and to those who could show them the way. For Western people, gurus and masters are deeply suspect. For most people, peace, happiness and freedom are nothing more than mental ideas, without tangible reference.

That's when I decided to share my own experience: about how being happy, being with a master, being with a guru, how this peace, freedom and heaven thing really works, in a very practical way – for an ordinary person like me.

It is so simple! Only devotion is needed for it – and therefore trust. By reporting again and again about everything I have experienced and continue to experience, I would like to encourage others to also open up to what they already feel within themselves. So that more and more people find their way to happiness, to heaven.

Why should I support you?

Support me if it brings you joy.  Support me when it pleases you to let my work continue and grow. I also make these videos because nothing else gives me such joy, and nothing else gives me such wonderful energy. Joy is a good compass.

Yes, of course it is also an opportunity to contribute to a bright world in peace. When a person finds happiness and peace within himself, the world around him becomes happier and more peaceful as if by itself. When a person ignites the inner light, the world around him also becomes brighter. The more people do this, the more peaceful and the brighter the whole world becomes. It starts with each individual  with you, with me. That's how the world comes into peace, and that's how people really come together.

My videos are a contribution to this process. Through your support you help me with this. Thank you for that!

What are you going to do? What is the plan?

During the start-up phase, I can make one video per week, in German as well as in English. But that's just the beginning.

I want to do much more: several in-depth videos per week, maybe short videos in the morning, and, what is especially close to my heart: every morning a 15-minute book reading from Shivkrupanand Swamiji's autobiography ❤️, whose Samarpan Meditation I mention so often – there is no better start to the day. Everything in both German and English, of course.

How far I get with it, and how fast, depends on the support this project gets. And who knows what else may happen. This is only the beginning!

All your content is accessible to non-members, why should I pay for it?

I am not selling anything here, and membership fees are not a payment. What I have to share came to me itself as a gift, I paid nothing, it is, in the truest sense of the word, priceless. And that's exactly how I want to pass it on. So there is no exclusive members only content here.

Still, of course, it only works if I get support. On average, about 2 percent of regular viewers support the project, so every single membership is an enormous support and a blessing for my work.

Why do you create all your videos in both German and English?

Until recently, I could not even imagine speaking to people in my native language German let alone in English! But when the inspiration for this project came, it was clear from the beginning: everything should be told in German and also in English!

And when I made the first videos, I experienced something amazing: I speak differently, I feel differently, I am different, depending on the language I use in the video. Not only the tone of voice changes, but also the way I express the same things and the way I talk about them.

I speak freely in each video, without a script or mental concept, and therefore the two language versions are often quite different.