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Support me if it brings you joy.

 Support me when it pleases you,
to let my work continue and grow.

I also make these videos, 
because nothing else gives me such joy, 
and nothing else gives me 
such wonderful energy.

Joy is a good compass.

Thank you!

I would like to thank all those who already support this project with their membership. To experience support already at this early stage, that encourages and touches me so much.

Every single contribution is so valuable!
My special thanks go to:

Waltraut (Vienna)
Anita (Meßkirch)
Stefan Hiene (
Miles-Bennet Eigler (Kamp-Bornhofen)
Prafula (Cologne)
Monika (Vienna)
Mona Lange (
Rita (Switzerland)
Gabi König (

and to those who don't want to be mentioned.