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Encounter with God

A report about what is possible for everyone.

All our ideas about God are wrong. You have to experience it yourself, but do you have to die for this? I'll tell you what it's really like to experience God, and how it's possible: now, in life, in every moment.

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Last Sunday I met God once again. And not only that: actually "he" is always with me, since a long time. At first I didn't really notice it: it took me a while to recognize him. But now I am so familiar with him, and we are inseparable.

Most of you are shaking your heads now: what nonsense, you can't meet God just like that! Yes, that is what we think. We long for God, and yet we believe with every fiber that it is impossible, and the one who reports it is presumptuous, blasphemous, crazy. That is what we believe, and that is how it has always been. At the same time, people do not even know what God is, apart from strange ideas of something great, unusual, unattainable.

Christians talk about life after death. Most of them believe that this means that we will meet God only after death. And there are people who report near-death experiences; how they experienced a heavenly peace asn the threshold of death, and some report infinite comfort and God.

But we do not have to die for this, on the contrary. The Gurus say, "Die while you live!" This is the true meaning of the Christian faith: not we, but something in us must die so that we can truly live - and so that we can experience God.

I talk about how I experience God: externally as I did last Sunday when I met Swamiji at the Place of Meditation, where I got sunburned while participating in the preparation of the event; and internally, every day, every moment when I am open and ready for it. It is a silent thing, so normal, so all-encompassing, that it is almost impossible to not overlook it. I talk about what really happens in near-death experiences, and about how, in this day and age, any normal person can experience God - here, in normal life, while living.

Complete text for reading along:

Good morning.

This morning, I want to talk about something impossible. I want to talk about how it is to meet God. And I mean a real meeting; I'm not talking about something abstract. I met God last weekend. Okay, I want to say: I want to talk about the subject on two levels. The one level is what I experienced last weekend. I have a Guru, my guru Swamiji. His name is Shivkrupanand Swami, and he was in Germany. And last weekend, on Sunday morning, I met him together with 350 other people. We met Swamiji. And I want to talk about how it is to meet this God-like being. And I will also talk about it on another level. I want to talk about how it is in general in life: how it is to meet God in your life, in your normal life.

And maybe you say: "okay, a Guru is not God. A person cannot be God." And you're right, this is true. That what we call "God" is that which can't be described, which can't be named, which can be pictured, which is in everything, behind everything, which is holding this existence and animating this existence. So, no one can be God. There's no person, no body which can be God, it's impossible, because God is everywhere. And yet, what I'm talking about is the experience: it's like when you meet a true Guru, the experience you have, the experience I have is: "oh wow..."

Before I attempt to describe this, I want to talk about a few videos I saw recently. I saw a few very very interesting and touching videos about near-death experiences, and maybe you are familiar with this term, and maybe you heard about what people report about when they come back from a near-death experience. And they usually happen when a person, a person's body, is clinically dead. Maybe that person had an accident and came to hospital, and the doctors couldn't save him or her, and he was pronounced dead, and no heartbeat, no breathing. And sometimes, inexplainable, these bodies come back to life. And then, occasionally, the person describes about an experience they had during the time when the body was dead.

And each of these reports is in a way different, it seems like every person experiences it in a slightly different way, but what strikes me is what they all have in common. And what they have in common is that they usually report about a complete absence of problems: just peace. Not only, in that state, are they completely disconnected from the tragedy happening with the body, but also in general about their entire life: they don't feel any problems. They just feel what they describe as eternal peace, a rightness of everything including themselves. Some report... some say: there are no mistakes; nobody can make a mistake. Others say: everybody is right the way they are. That's what they experience, what they feel. It's not that somebody tells them. No. This is their experience during this near-death experience.

And another common factor of most of these reports is the timelessness of things. They have no concept of time. There is no concept of time flowing. They cannot say how long that experience was. It's just an experience, a beingness, eternal, no beginning, no end. They experience the eternity Jesus talks about. These bodies, they have a beginning and an end. They are born, they grow, the soul enters the body, the body becomes alive, and then at some point, the body dies, and then the body is gone. But that which animates the body, that what Swamiji calls the soul, that is eternal. And in these near-death experiences, the people report about this eternity. It's not a concept, it's not something abstract. That's how they describe their experience. There's no time. They experience this peace, they experience this quietness, the space, this absence of any problems, and it's totally clear in that experience: it always was like this and it always will be like this. No worries.

And when you hear this... it's like you hear this and you know: this is true. You just know it. You hear it and you feel: "yes, this is true. I don't know how this is possible, I can't explain it...", maybe you say: "I've never experienced anything like this, but I know: there's something to it. I know these people say the truth".

And now the question is: how can I experience this, now? If you know my videos, you know I'm a very pragmatic guy. I'm not esoteric. I'm not spiritual. I'm a practical guy. I'm an engineer. I want to know: "okay, how can I do it now?" It's good to know, and maybe it's relaxing for some people to hear these reports and to know: okay, this is what's happening after life ends, so maybe I don't have to be so freaked out about it. But this is not enough for me. I want... If this is possible, I want to know how I can experience this. If this is real, I want to know.

There are some Gurus, or, actually, I think every true Guru says this... They say: "die while you're alive". And, you know, it sounds like a paradox: how can I be still alive when I died? But they point to this what these people in the near-death experiences report, and what I want: there is obviously something you can experience, there is obviously a reality, and I want this not when I'm dead. I don't want to have to have a severe accident and a near-death experience to get a taste of this. I want this now. And this is what these Gurus say. They say: have this experience while you are alive. Die while you live.

But what does this mean? What they talk about is... Well, let's come back to this near-death experience. I like this example because it makes it so understandable. These people who have a near-death experience, their body died. For a while, their body was dead, and their soul had no place to be anymore. Usually, we are totally identified with this body. We are totally identified with: "this is me, this body. This is my nose, a little sunburned because I helped during this event on the weekend with my Guru and the sun was shining and I forgot my hat. This is my sunburned nose. The thoughts, these are my thoughts, my wishes, my worries, my dreams, my agonies. This is my life." And with "my life" we mean all this physical stuff, everything that is connected to this body. But then the body dies for a while, and the soul has to go somewhere. The soul has to leave the body. And that's what they report about: the soul is not attached to the body anymore.

These people have not learned to dissolve their identification with the body, they have not learned to not have an ego anymore, but they are forced out of it, because the body dies. And then they experience Heaven. They experience absolute peace: everything is just fine, it was always fine and it always will be like this. That's what they experience: pure beingness, pure consciousness, Heaven, God; that's all the same. So, they experience something which is here, and they could experience it because for a short while, maybe half an hour, some of them a few hours, the body was dead. The body was uninhabitable, so they had to be forced out of their identification, and there it is: the peace, the eternal peace Jesus was talking about; the kingdom of God Jesus was talking about; moksha, the Indians call it moksha, liberation, liberation from the identification with the body. And then, Heaven is here, like this. Their body dies, and then: Heaven. And the Gurus tell us: this is possible while you're alive.

This is why we are here: to discover this, while the body is alive. Actually, I wanted to talk about... I get sidetracked so easily, because this stuff is also interesting and so exciting... I want to talk about how it was for me to meet God on the weekend. So, with this short prelude into near-death experiences, I want to tell you how it was for me. I mean, I'm with my guru Swamiji since six years now, and this is not the first time I met him personally. But again and again, it's a surprise for me when I come really close to him how this really is.

The event was on Sunday morning, and I already traveled to the place where it was happening... it was at the Place of Meditation in Germany near Frankfurt, this is the place where the European Center for the Samarpan Meditation is being established... and I already traveled there on Friday to help with the preparations. I'm an engineer, and I'm also a sound engineer, an audio engineer, and I helped with the audio equipment, the setting all this up so people could understand and hear everything. And I love this work. So, I went there on Friday. And when I arrived there, I already noticed strange things happening with me.

I noticed... there was this one moment where I thought: it's really difficult for me to think right now. I wasn't even in front of Swamiji already. Swamiji was still a few kilometers away in the house where he was staying during this time, but his aura, his energy field, is very very vast. And I must have already been in his energy field because it's like... I had to smile because I found it really difficult to think and to find problems.

And then I had the morning meditation the next morning, on Saturday morning, and it was such a special meditation. It was so easy for me to meditate, so absolutely natural; much much easier and much much deeper than usual. And this was only because I was already closer to him than normal. The way I perceive it is as if I'm connected through my crown chakra to a space which is all around me, and I can usually sense the space also when I'm alone, also now when I'm here, but during that time, it was so tangible, so clear, so normal... this was really special. I felt as if I'm walking through my Guru's aura, as if I'm not walking on grass but on something else. It was really a very interesting experience.

And then, this event started on Sunday morning at seven o'clock. Swamiji started speaking, and what I experienced then is a near-death experience without dying. It's like: I'm sitting there, Swamiji talks, it was translated into German so people could understand it, and what he said was great, but I didn't... I couldn't really listen to what he said, because I just felt how I felt. I felt like these people report from the near-death experiences: I felt just peace. I felt such a profound quiet space all in me, all around me. You can't even say: "there are no problems", because the thought of problem doesn't even occur. And it feels so normal, you don't even know where it comes from. And this is what happens when you meet God.

I said earlier: no body can be God. This person, this body Swamiji, cannot be God, because God is everything. But when you come close to a person who lives in this space, who lives in the lap of God all the time, what happens is: then you also experience this, and then it feels like: "wow, this is God. I feel God. I feel this person." But in reality, you don't feel how your Guru feels. You experience it yourself, in you. But for you, it's like: okay, this is God; through him, I experience God. And that's why in India for instance, people call their guru "God". For them it is God, because through him, they experience God in them, and only through him. Normally they have their normal life, with all their worries and thoughts and dreams and problems and traumas and tragedies, but when they're close to the Guru, this is all gone. They bathe in God, and that's why they call their Guru "God", because God comes through him to them.

And that's why I say: I want to report about how it is to meet God. I don't want to say: this Guru is God. But when I'm there, God is in me; eternal peace. And the striking thing is like what these near-death experiencers talk about: it's so normal. It's not something grand and special. It's just: suddenly, you are in this space where peace, where quiet, this blessed quality, is just normal. It's just there, always, everywhere, without end. And it's... I don't know whether my words make any sense; probably not.

These things cannot be transmitted with words. But maybe you feel something in you while you're listening, and what you feel, that's what I'm talking about. Swamiji, my Guru, cannot explain God to me, but when I'm near him, God is in me. I experience it. It's a transmission of experience. You can't explain how this is possible, but this is how it works. It's not transmitted by words, it's transmitted by experience. And maybe you have a slight glimpse of what I'm talking about in you while you're listening, and that's the only way this can be made understood, this can be transmitted: by experience.

And this experience is quite normal for me. I have this every day. I have this in every moment where I remember to look for it, in every moment where I remember to put my attention to the crown chakra... I talk about this later a little bit more.... I come back into this space. But when I'm close to my Guru, like I was on Sunday morning, it is especially strong. It is as if he deepens something in an incredible way, just by me being close to him for a few hours. It's such a help, and it's so beautiful. And it's nothing he's doing. It's not his words. He doesn't do any special ritual or anything. It happens all by itself, automatically. And then, you experience it yourself.

I said in the beginning of the video that I want to talk about meeting God on two different levels, and the one is this immediate meeting which I'm reporting about right now, which I had on the weekend. But naturally, the question now is: "okay, how can I have this all the time?" I can't be close to my Guru all the time, and most people don't even have a Guru, and most people don't even want a Guru. So, how is this possible always, in everyday life? And that's what I want to talk about now.

Swamiji, my Guru, brings the Samarpan Meditation from the Himalayas into society. In this meditation... it doesn't cost anything, it's totally uncomplicated, it's also not related to any religion. You don't have to take on a new religion. It's also not connected to Swamiji. You don't have to become his disciple, or take him on as your Guru. This meditation is much simpler than that. It's just a meditation, "the" meditation for me. "Samarpan" means surrender. It's the surrender meditation. And what you do during this meditation is very very simple. I will make a video pretty soon just about this meditation, so I want to keep it short in this video.

But basically, what you do is: the first thing in the morning, when you start your day, right after waking up, you sit down for half an hour, and you start by putting your hand on the top of your head, here, the Indians call the spot the "crown chakra". You put your hand on there, and then you make three cycles with your hand clockwise, like this, pressure a little bit, and then you take your hand off very very slowly. And because you had your hand there, your attention naturally stays there at this spot now. Now your attention is here. And for half an hour, the only thing we do is: we stay with our attention at this point. That's all we do. We don't imagine anything, we don't want anything, we don't wish anything, we don't think anything. We just stay with our attention there, nothing else. It's absolutely simple.

And when you do this, you will notice that your thoughts will distract you. Suddenly you notice: "oops, I followed a thought, I'm deep in some thought". Okay! When you notice, it's no big deal, you just return with your attention to the crown chakra. And your body will distract you. Suddenly you feel itches, or you have to cough. It doesn't matter. You just return with your attention to the crown chakra. And you do this for half an hour. And you do this every morning. And that's all. It's totally simple, and yet, it is different than anything else you ever experienced before.

And what happens is that when you rest with your attention here, on this spot, you will get a taste from what I was talking about just now when I met my Guru. You will get a taste of what these people with their near-death experiences, what they report about. Maybe you experience it only for a brief moment, because your thoughts are distracting you all the time, and your body is distracting you all the time. But you will notice, and you can try this right now, while you're listening to me... you can just go with your attention to your crown chakra... and you will notice that you will experience a kind of space there, which usually you don't know; a quietness; a peace which is in a weird way not connected to anything in your life; which has no cause in your life. It's just there.

And every time you go with your attention there, you'll find this. And maybe in the beginning, it's very very dim, very very subtle, and maybe only for just a brief moment. But when you then begin to do the Samarpan Meditation every morning, you begin to notice this more and more. It's not that you have to create this space; it's not that you have to create this peace through the meditation. This space is always there. Actually, this is the only thing which ever was. This peace is always there. So, it's God waiting for you with open arms, so to speak.

The only thing we have to learn is to look into the right direction, and to become sensitive for it, and the Samarpan Meditation helps with this. It's very very simple. You just have to do this meditation every day, that's the only important thing: regularity. Do it every morning, first thing in the morning, and the rest happens all by itself. And then, this space, this energy, this very very special quality, this eternal peace, takes more and more space in your being and in your life, without you doing anything other than meditating. It all happens by itself.

Basically, this meditation helps you to disidentify with the body and to turn to your true being. You don't know anything about this, and you don't even have to know anything about it. Just by meditating, this happens automatically. It is as if this is the connection point to your soul, or to Heaven, or to God. And just by sitting there with your attention for half an hour every morning, you become more and more aware of this. And then, after a while, you begin to feel like these people who report near-death experiences, or how Mikael reports when he talks about his Guru.

And the special quality about this meditation is that it is made for you as a normal person in society. When you experience it, it feels so simple, but until now it was impossible for humans to experience this. The only way a human being could experience this was by renouncing the world, renouncing their normal life, their family, and go off into solitude, into the Himalayas, or into some remote cave, and nobody is even close, and then, these rare beings who would choose such a path, they would spend years and years and years introspecting, meditating. And after years and years and years, they would begin to discover this what we are talking about here.

Swamiji, he has a very very unusual biography, and he was doing journeys into the Himalayas many many times, and he met... I think he met a total of 12 different Gurus. And all these Gurus lived like this: very secluded, far away from society, and that's how they spent their entire life. And during this entire life in solitude, they acquired the ability to feel God, to be God, to live like this inside.

Swamiji reported about a meeting he had with a group of Jain monks. They lived far away in the depth of the Himalayas, far away from society, a group of monks. And they said that they meditated on each of the main chakras of the body... there are seven main chakras in the human body... and they used to meditate seven years on each chakra. So, by the time they were finished with the last chakra, with the seven years of the last chakra, they have had a total of 49 years of meditating. And then, their crown chakra would open. And then they would begin to experience that what we talk about now. This is how it was up to now. So, for me this would be impossible. I'm not drawn to live like a... like an ascetic, like a caveman. For me, this would be impossible.

But now is a very special time. Now is the time that this possibility comes to normal people. And this is the special quality and the special grace of the Samarpan Meditation. Swamiji says: he brings this meditation as a tool for the normal people, who live in society, to experience this; to die while being alive; to meet God while you are alive in your normal life. And this is new. This was never possible before. So, when you do this meditation, which looks so simple, so unspecial, when you do this every morning for half an hour, everything required, everything which is needed for you to have this experience, will happen automatically. Your crown chakra will open by itself over time, slowly slowly.

And sometimes, it's like people begin to experience this peace and this eternal okayness of everything, and they need a while to notice this, because it feels so normal. Their life begins to change, their inner state begins to change, but some people don't even notice because it happens in such a gradual, normal way. It's very interesting. And then, suddenly, you notice: "oh wow, I haven't worried in a while, what's going on? I okay Ness used to be so stressed out about this and that..." And then you notice: "wow, how is this possible? It changed."

And through this meditation, this becomes your normal experience in your life. You don't have to have a severe accident and that clinically dead body to experience this. You don't have to have an extraordinary life where you renounce the world. Now, during the time we live in right now, it's possible for you and for me, for us normal people. You don't even have to have a Guru. It could be that when you start this meditation, when you begin to experience these new things... it might happen that you just want to meet a Guru; or it just happens. These things you can't even decide. You can't want this. It just happens in your life. It could be. And then, if it happens like this, naturally, by itself, then it's perfect for you. You just love it.

But you don't have to worry about it. You don't have to change your life in order to become worthy of Heaven. You don't have to change your life to become holy and spiritual, to become okay and acceptable for God. This is all not needed. You will become holy, you will become good and clean by itself. You don't have to worry about it. It all happens by itself, through the meditation. This is my personal experience. And then... you can call it any way you want... then you will experience that you meet this eternity, this timeless peace. Some people call it God. Some people call it Heaven. It doesn't matter. It's all the same. And then you live and you rest in that space which is always there, around you, and which you will be also in when this body dies. Then you died while you are alive.

Basically, what this meditation does is, it helps you to disidentify with the body, and to disidentify with your ego, but it happens automatically. You can't do these things consciously. You can't decide this. You cannot say: "okay, now I'm not identified anymore". It doesn't work like this. But through the meditation, this happens. This is what happens in near-death experiences by pure force, by an accident, when the body is just dead. This can also happen very gently, very gradually, very naturally, by itself, through this meditation.

And maybe you got a taste of it while listening. These inner experiences we have ourselves, this is the true message. When you come close to a being who is God-like, and that's why the Indians call their Guru's "God", you recognize this God-like being in front of you because you feel suddenly these Godly qualities in you. Suddenly, you feel in you something you usually don't feel: the peace Jesus talks about. You feel a kind of eternal quality in you, a quiet happiness, an absence of all the things which bother you in your normal life.

This all happens through your own inner experience. That's the medium. Not the words. That's how you recognize a true Guru, and that's the only way I can bring this across to you: through the experience you have in you while you are listening. And maybe you feel a kind of a peace, a kind of an absence of your usual agony, and that's what I'm talking about: this is coming through your experience to you. That's the message, not the words.

And I tell you about how it is possible for you so this becomes your own. For a very brief time in life, we need a Guru so we can experience it ourselves in us at a time where we are not ready at all. But then we got a taste. And then we know: "ah, this is possible!" Before you met a Guru, before you didn't experience this in yourself, then you don't know what's possible. Maybe you see some nice videos about near-death experiences, but if you don't feel yourself that what that person talks about, it's meaningless for you. It's like, okay, this is nice, I want this, but it doesn't do anything.

We need a person who makes us have this experience in us, and then we know: "ah, this is possible! I experienced it myself." This is the only truth. In all of my videos, I only always talk about that you have to go your way, and you have your experiences, because your own experience is the only thing which matters in life. And when you come close to a Guru, suddenly, you experience this. Maybe for you it's through my humble videos. I'm not a Guru, but maybe you experience something you usually don't experience, and then you know: "ah, this is possible! I experienced it myself". And then, you want to know how this works, and then you start meditating, and then, after a very short time, after a few months or a few years, it doesn't matter at all, it becomes your own.

And that's why I make these videos. I make the videos... all of my videos basically are always the same. I talk about different subjects, the videos have different titles, but basically, it's always only about this one thing: you listen to me, and an experience is transmitted. Maybe, maybe you feel something which is new for you, and then you know: "wow, I experienced this! It's possible!" And you also feel that this has nothing to do with me. You experienced it. It's yours! And then, for a while, you listen to my videos, or maybe you are inclined to go to my Spiritual Master or to my Guru, it doesn't matter: you will want more of this, and then you will begin to meditate. And then, after a short time, after a few years, it is yours. After a short time, after a few years, you don't need a Guru anymore. Then you have this yourself. It's very simple. It only requires a little bit of time.

Swamiji says: "I make your soul your Guru". What he means is: he makes you experience God, he makes you experience your own soul in you, and then you meditate, and after a while, you don't need him anymore. You can feel your soul, you can feel Heaven, you feel God in you. It becomes normal for you. You don't need anybody else, and also no videos. It's just a transitionary period. We need this initial experience from somebody else. We can't have it ourselves, and then the rest happens by itself.

Thank you for listening. Thank you.

I love you.

And this is also something... these near-death experiencers, they talk about they just feel loved the way they are, eternal love. They just feel loved. They don't have to change to be okay and worthy of love. They just feel loved.

That's why I tell you this: you are loved.