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Hearing what can't be said

How the unteachable is being learned.

Every single word of Jesus was misunderstood – but that is not surprising. We just can't understand through words what we do not know from our own experience. A video about how it is nevertheless possible that something completely new enters our lives.

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My first video. Words mean something different to each person. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of Heaven. The ordinary people who were his disciples knew nothing about the world Jesus was talking about. At that time there were no words for that. Even today, there are only misunderstandings. How I came to this path. My first encounter with Samarpan (today called Soham). The master does nothing. My experience of "this is where I always want to be." It is not the words. A new way of being. You have to experience something like that. How I stayed with Samarpan without knowing what he embodied. The direct transmission from one person to another. How children learn from their parents. The inner world is transmitted. We do not learn through words. Continued experience is helpful. It does not have to be with me. I am a student. You don't have to be smart, life handles everything. With me you have no excuse, because I am like you. It's just a normal process. The ideas about enlightenment. My personal experience. The true development is gradual, unnoticed. Comparison with a mountain hike. Is enlightenment necessary? Enlightenment is a result of development, not its trigger. The beginning of the new possibility to travel inside. Staying in touch with a person who has arrived. Transmission without realizing it. A natural process. The student doesn't realize what the master was really talking about until much later. I just start. Helpless and ignorant. I have not become wiser or smarter, but happy. It does not come from me, not from my own greatness or rightness, but from somewhere else. My main message: it's possible for anyone. You don't have to be smart, good or spiritual. Follow one who is a few steps ahead. The two people who are way ahead of me. You can go directly to them, directly to the source. And I'll be happy if you listen to me. Don't listen to my words, listen to what you feel, to what you know inside without words. Why I speak so slowly.