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Heaven is at Hand

…for those who know its gate.

You can, quite simply, discover and experience Heaven for yourself. Here, in this life, while living. A video about Jesus, gurus and the Samarpan Meditation.

Transcript, chapters and quotes coming soon

Keywords from the content:

In my youth, Jesus' words where abstract to me, unbelieveable. Only what I can experience, I trust. Fighting with the religious teacher. He could not pass on what he did not experience himself. Learning to be happy with Soham. The Christian stuff was forgotten. When a guru came into my life, Jesus words became alive, because I experienced them myself. The Samarpan Meditation by Swamiji and what it did to me. The only true meditation. Surrendering all what one knows. The development of soul awareness. Who I really am. All we know is what we know through our bodily senses. Being unable to perceive our true identity. Samarpan Meditation reconnects us to who we are, to God, to Paramatma. God is not a person. Without doing anything, over time, the soul awareness grows by itself. When I began to understand Jesus. Putting the awareness at the crown chakra. It is too simple. We have to experience it by ourselves. My life became even more beautiful and problem free. Not knowing how this is possible. About what happens when the soul gets stronger. Discovering the door to Heaven. Being nurished by that. Experiencing the unbelieveable. Gradual development. What the soul is connected to. A very quiet, subtle experience. When Heaven becomes a normal experience. Just by meditating for a while, this will become your own experience. Jesus says: you can experience the kingdom of God. It is closer than close. I have to admit today: my ignorant religious teacher was unknowingly right. I am just testifying what I am experiencing myself since years. Not taking you out of normal life. I don't trust sudden experiences. I trust the slow stuff, the permanent stuff. When a living guru enters your life, suddenly you can look into this direction, where before, it was impossible. About the introduction to the Samarpan Meditation and why it is needed. You don't have to travel, pay money or join a religion. You will, inevitably, discover what I talk about in this video for yourself. Noticing how life becomes amazingly different. Having a new reference point. Having no reason to worry anymore, and everything changes. The soul is in you, whether you know it or not. Invitation to find out for yourself. Trying the meditation for 45 days, first thing every morning for 30 minutes.