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Living God, eternal learning

Why it's so cool to have a Guru.

The modern spiritual man relies only on himself, unaware that this rationality is the ego's trick to prevent surrender. I talk about my Guru experiences of the last few days and about what is only possible through a living God.

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About this video:

I've been making videos for 8 months now. The ones that seem to be about how you can shape and determine your own life – keyword manifesting – have been viewed more than 10 times as often as the ones that are obviously about surrender, Gurus and God. Gurus are not cool and people are suspicious of them. And at the same time, the vast majority of people have no idea what is really possible in life if you get involved anyway. I also only discovered this a few years ago myself.

I don't make videos to reach as many people as possible. I just want to pass on what I experience in my life, authentically and genuinely. And that's why I have no choice but to keep trying to talk about what hardly anyone actually wants to hear or can believe.

There is only one thing that keeps a person away from Heaven, from God and from himself, and that is himself and this seemingly reasonable voice within us that we trust so much. In 1983, Austrian poet Erich Fried wrote a poem about how this voice speaks to us:

«It is nonsense, says reason.
It is what it is, says love.

It is calamity, says calculation.
It is nothing but pain, says fear.
It is hopeless, says insight.
It is what it is, says love.

It is ludicrous, says pride.
It is foolish, says caution.
It is impossible, says experience.
It is what it is, says love.»

I don't know whether Erich Fried had gurus in mind when he formulated this, but his words undoubtedly also apply to love for a living Jesus. We all love the Jesus of 2000 years ago, but one who would be available now, here and now, is deeply suspect to us.

In this video I share how I have just experienced the eight days of online shibir with my guru Swamiji over Christmas, why a living guru is so important and how through this "living God" I keep experiencing what seems to be nonsense and impossible, and yet: it is what it is.

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