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Lost Enlightenment

Why it leaves, and how it will return.

You experience the unbelievable: everything is good, you are one with everything - but then this Heaven disappears again. But why? I'll tell you why almost everyone experiences this and tell you how you can get paradise back.

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In the twenty years that I traveled around with my spiritual master Soham and sat and worked in his Satsang, I experienced countless people with the same experience: they had experienced Oneness, the inner Heaven, this "all is well". But this first insight into their true nature, this enlightenment, then disappeared again, after a few days, weeks or months, and what remained was: "I have lost it. What have I done wrong? How do I get it back? I don't want anything else."

Now such a report has also reached me, and I am happy to talk about the "lost enlightenment": why it is not a problem; why it is normal, even inevitable, that this happens; and what a person can do to prepare for this Heaven, this enlightenment, to come back and stay.

In Christian culture, the idea is that the Jesus-like, enlightenment, is out of reach for us normal people, and if it does happen, it is by grace or chance. Western people lack the knowledge that this is part of the natural development of human beings and that it is not only possible but also important that we prepare ourselves for it. Again I also talk about my own life and what I have learned in order to prepare the way for this inner Heaven and invite it to stay here forever.