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The Gift of Christmas

The good news that no one can believe.

You see and hear proof everywhere: you are wrong. Even if a Jesus, a Guru or God himself says: "I love you just the way you are", you only hear the opposite. But miraculously, you listen anyway.

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I once heard my Guru Swamiji say: the Guru speaks at his own level, but the disciple can only listen at his own level. And that is also my experience. We don't hear what a Master, a Guru or life says to us: we hear the opposite. Everywhere our ego and our programming makes us see clear evidence that life does not love us, the Master criticizes us, the Guru does not understand us and God wants to punish us.

During my 20 years in Satsang with my master Soham, I heard this again and again, and even now I am told the same thing. I have also repeatedly taken what my Master or my Guru said personally, but only briefly. Somehow I knew: this is my pain, and it is old. Somehow I could distrust myself and just feel, and eventually I discovered the truth of what he was really saying - sometimes years later.

I don't know which is the greater miracle: that life truly carries us and loves us, or that despite our ego and despite our resistance, we still find the Master, the Guru and God and finally discover this truth. That is what this video is about: this gift of Christmas.