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The Light in your Hell

Part 1 of 2: how Jesus deals with desperation.

What to do when you are sure that nothing works for you; when there is nothing left but despair and hopelessness. In this first part I will talk about the great gift of Jesus: his advice, his example for exactly this part of your life.

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Letter about feeling terrible, lost and hopeless and about the fact that it's just not easy. The core of our human challenge. When I say it‘s easy, I speak like an engineer. About the fact that achieving the goal of finding out who you really are is really possible – not with a miracle, but for every human being. This is so amazing. This is why I say: it is easy. We believe that what Jesus found and what Buddha found, this is impossible for us, or we would need a miracle. But it is not like that. Compared to what we believe, it is easy. We are not technical mechanisms; we are human beings. How we experience it is sometime snot easy at all. We are emotional beings. This path is a very emotional path. Everybody comes to the point where it feels difficult. For some people, it is no big deal. Fir some people, it is very difficult. At this point, wise words don’t help. About how it is for children. The child is totally consumed by a difficult experience, no hope, just desperation – and it runs to Mama’s arms. Mama doesn’t say wise words, she is just there with the child, without words, just openness. Encouragement is transmitted mysteriously, and after 15 minutes, the child laughs and runs around again as if nothing happened. The child’s total surrender. Us adults are still emotional beings. Jesus says: be like the children, and this is what he points to: come to me with your pain. Your trust carries you to me, and you just throw yourself into my lap, this is what Jesus meant: his recipe to deal with a seemingly impossible situation: surrender, and your trust will carry you through. It is your trust that healed you. Modern psychology in ancient words. Your ability to surrender healed you. He doesn’t tell us wise words, he meets us where we are, in the darkness. The blessing of having a master or a guru. A focal point for one’s surrender. You don’t understand your own trust and it feels crazy and irrational, but then you can be like a child. The rest happens by itself. Embarking on the search for heaven means: forgetting that what we believe to be fact and true, discovering something completely different, our true identity. A natural process, easy, no miracles needed, nevertheless it can be very painful. Letting go of your convictions and beliefs can be a very intense experience. It is natural, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you, it will pass, but when you are in it, it feels like no hope. Jesus gives us this one advice in many different ways. About the Our Father and the path of surrender. This is an emotional path. Knowing does not help, only actual surrender. About inaccurate translations. With faith, Jesus doesn’t mean belief, but trust. This trust will carry you through. This is what children do. The amazing capability of humans to be in complete despair, yet surrender at the same time. Nothing else is needed. There is something so human about Jesus. He is emotional and talks emotional, not philosophical. He not only talks, he shows his own humanness and how he deals with it, by example. Jesus says, I did not fall from heaven as a total exception, no, I am like you, I am the son of man. Of course, we misunderstood. We hear about his moments of darkness. The prayer in the night before the crucifixion, when he felt like we do. About the moment on the cross, and again, the despair and the surrender. The miracles of the crucifixion: his ability to surrender and to survive the crucifixion, and then become even more godlike as a human than before. His disciple didn’t even recognize him anymore. About the narrowness of Christian culture, pretending there is only one guru. The guru being unique in your personal life, but not historically. Indian culture and its ancient history of many gurus and the knowledge of how to get there. There is no instant guru. About the distortions of the actual facts. You don’t have to get yourself crucified. Jesus had his own path, but the method is the same for us: When you meet your impossible situations, usually subtle things, like despair, hopelessness, then this is what you do: surrender. Jesus did not die for us. No body, and no guru, does anything for anybody else. The miracle of existence, that what is good for you is also good for everybody else. Jesus had what he needed for his path. Whatever you have is exactly what is needed for your very challenge. How Gurdjieff created his own crucifixion, testing surrender.  He shouldn’t have been able to survive, but he survived, just like Jesus shouldn’t have been able to survive the crucifixion but did survive it. Jesus had no choice, he knew what was coming, but it was his path. Cultures like the Indian one has much more knowledge of the effects of true surrender. The people who watched the crucifixion couldn’t see what was actually happening. Jesus showed us how to deal with our own darkness when we meet it, it is an emotional thing and the only thing that helps is surrender. Surrender is something completely impossible. The child doesn’t surrender. It only knows the pain and the trust. You listening right now is a sign of your trust which you may be overlooking. About the difficulty of comparing us to others. Seeing the display of other’s experiences and saying: I don’t have this. I experience things very quietly. It is all happening inside, in a quiet, subtle, invisible way. We see the load people and think: I am not like this. The less you can compare yourself to others, the easier it is. About the wrong impression that somebody else has something that you don’t have. About impatience. It is natural that we don’t like our difficulties. Children are total in their despair, there is no time in there, and this enables the surrender. The impatience keeps you away from the medicine. About the Indian knowledge of the soul’s journey through many lives and many bodies. About Jesus being a pragmatic guru, not sharing this fact. We do not know about the long journey and about the miracle of arriving where we are today. The reason for our impatience. The more total you can be and the more acceptance you can pull together, the easier and faster it will be. The story of Buddha and the two monks asking how long it will take. The more we can surrender, the more we can be where we are, like a child, being totally in the experience, it feels as if it is the longest way but that’s the fastest way. My only advice for this part of your life is: surrender, be in it. And then something will happen what feels like a miracle to you but it is, in fact, natural and normal. You will say, I cannot do this, I cannot surrender. For this, there is the second part of this video where I tell you how you can learn this surrender in a totally easy way.