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The Light in your Hell

Part 2 of 2: the magical Samarpan Meditation.

Surrender cannot be learned, so how does one become capable of it? There is a magical, simple way in which the key to happiness is given to us without us having to be or do anything: Samarpan Meditation.

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Part 2 about the time of your darkness, your hell. Part 1 was about surrender and how surrender magically carries you through the times where you do not know what to do, and how Jesus dealt with his difficult times in his life. You might say, I cannot do this, you believe that you do not have this surrender and trust. How can we acquire this ability to surrender, to let us be carried. About our double knot. How to learn this childlike attitude of surrender that Jesus showed us. Surrender is impossible and can’t be learned from books. You say, yes, this is the problem. About the Samarpan Meditation of Swamiji. Jesus talked about prayer and meant meditation. Samarpan Meditation teaching you surrender in such an easy way. Our misunderstandings about meditation. Surrender is not a prerequisite, but the outcome. Do this meditation regularly when you do not know how to surrender. Surrender comes to you and you don’t know where it comes from. About people saying: I cannot meditate, because I do not know how to surrender. You do not have to be capable at all to meditate like this. All you need to do is being the way you are, as wrong and as impossible as you feel you are, and you meditate like this. You do not have to be able to meditate and surrender. You cannot do it and you cannot learn it. It has to come to you by itself, slowly, over time. The misunderstanding of waiting for a special experience. The meditation is not about having a certain experience or insight. You sit down and meditate because you know that over time, over the months and years, meditating will give you surrender. And when surrender happens, everything else in your life will be taken care of. About directing the attention to the crown chakra during meditation, not waiting for or expecting anything. About noticing that this is impossible. About just returning with the attention to the crown, again and again. About this being normal, and about how it is for me during meditation. It is not about reaching a certain point, but just practicing this one step. About magnetic thoughts, feeling meaningful and important. Feeling irresponsible when not giving attention to the thoughts. Ignoring the thought anyway, this is surrender. The meditation as a magical playground, a safe place to practice surrender. It is about practicing this same step over and over again, nothing else. Surrendering to here, which feels totally wrong. Learning does not happen in one meditation. You do notice what is coming out of the meditation, because this is something which develops and grows within you over time, over the months and the years, more and more. It happens so slowly and gradually that you do not notice. That which happens, you do not connect to the meditation. There is a change in attitude happening. The meditation working on the fundament of your being, unnoticed. The meditation is the learning too, for those who do not know how to do it. Learning is natural for humans. About the trauma of learning. For some people, the most natural thing, which is learning, turned into a trauma. About people who get totally paralyzed when they can’t do something, thinking: I should be able to do this, but I can’t.  Here, the only thing required is to come to this meditation just as you are. Swamiji says: do not try to be different, meditate as you are. Here, you are allowed to be as you are. Jesus spoke about this meditation, using different words: prayer. Prayer is not words, but an inner attitude. Prayer as an act of surrender. The word “meditation” did not exist for the people around Jesus. Jesus saying, in his words: when you pray, when you meditate like this, everything else will be taken care of. Jesus says: Put God first, everything else will follow; meaning: surrender. About having a place to surrender to, a guru, and about the special place of the crown chakra. We could surrender to a stone and it works, but making the crown chakra the target of your attention, something magical happens. About how my experience with the meditation changed and developed over the years. First tangible the experience of being connected to the source of life, to something vast, to God. Later the experience that this what I perceive is my Guru, Swamiji, the guru inside, closer and more concrete than some God. And just recently, having the experience of: wow, this is me what I perceive there. About the combination of surrender and the knowledge of the crown chakra, speeding up the learning, the process. Jesus said: the kingdom of God is at hand, and he must have meant it literally, because he was talking about the crown chakra. About old Buddha statues having the top of the head decorated in a special way, indicating the crown chakra. This secret makes everything so easy, so simple. About my steps of development: first perceiving some far away, vast but somehow ungraspable God, then it becoming more concrete, recognizing the guru, Swamiji, and later becoming so close, so tangible that it feels like: this is me. As if something comes closer and closer to me, until I realize, this is, in fact, who I am. Jesus described the same things with different words which nobody understood, because his disciples did not have the experience themselves. Jesus said: in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He describes what happens over time when you pray (meditate) like this: first you get a sense of God, this distant image we all have, then what you experience turns from a God into the Son – Jesus, and even later, recognizing: ah, this is me, what Jesus called: the Holy Spirit, and what Swamiji is calling: you are a soul. Swamiji talking about the same cascade of things: Paramatma turns into the Guru, and at some point, you, your soul, become your own Guru: that which guides me here, this not even my guru, this is me. The magic of surrender: in the beginning, you think you surrender to some God, to some Guru, and in the end, you meet yourself. This is not an intellectual exercise, but something existential, which you experience yourself over time. All we meditate is meditate and practice surrender, the rest happens by itself. If you are in hell, if you feel totally incapable, this is for you. Here you don’t have to do anything. Everything happens by itself, and you might not even notice anything. About how many people cannot notice their own progress and development. This is why it is helpful to not look for an outcome, for results, for a proof. You just meditate and forget everything else. About impatience making it a little difficult. About the story of the 2 disciples of Buddha. About me forgetting what I talked about and not knowing what I will talk about next. The only difficulty with this meditation is your impatience, because it is so easy.