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What is a Guru good for ?

Explanations on the example of Jesus.

The word "Guru" usually means nothing good for Westerners: a seducer of humans, or at best a charlatan. But Jesus was also a guru, one of the greatest ever to walk the earth. We can see from him what a guru really is.

Transcript, chapters and quotes coming soon

Keywords from the content:

The negative connotation of the word "guru". I was never spiritual. The miracle that I nevertheless ended up with a spiritual master. How I thought I had found everything with Soham. About the sudden dissatisfaction. How with Swamiji my life began anew in a single moment. About what became different. My complete ordinariness. My openness to the unknown. My own inner experience as a guide. About being touched and how it happens. About discovering my own true identity, the soul. The guru does nothing. About Jesus: "No one comes to the Father except through me", "I am the way". What the Kingdom of Heaven is. We cannot open ourselves to it out of ourselves. Guru and Savior. The end of the identity crisis. About the true meaning of the Christian tradition. Where the rejection of "guru" comes from. After being touched by Heaven, one does not want to share anything else but this. Jesus is not unique. The differences with Indian culture. Why Westerners cannot recognize a contemporary Jesus. About false gurus. Why I only want to make videos. I can't give you anything and I am completely normal. Which leader to trust. Soham never wanted to convince anyone of anything. Being convinced and trusting happens by itself, from within.