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Death's Message

Understand it and discover true life.

We experience death close to us and are deeply frightened, yet it is an ancient and good friend. Those who know how to listen to it discover the real cause of fear – and the path to Heaven.

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About this Video:

I have received two letters that touch me deeply. They are about death and what it does to us – to those of us who are still alive. A child commits suicide. A beloved dies. We feel anguish, grief, fear. And we ask ourselves: why is this happening? What is life trying to tell me?

It is a strange phenomenon in our society that we are not deeply familiar with death; that we do not know it through and through. Because death is not our enemy. On the contrary: it is our most faithful companion, it came with us into this life and it carries us home again – and if we want, it will do so now, while we are still alive. He is like the voice of God, constantly and lovingly calling out to us: remember! 

This is what I talk about in this video and I am grateful for this opportunity. For me, the more I let go and say "yes", the more I recognize only good and only life everywhere, especially in death. There is nothing terrible. Only our ignorance, only our looking away frightens us. As soon as we stop, feel and look, everything changes. Suddenly, death becomes a guide towards the true life that is waiting for us, here, while we are alive. That is my experience.

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