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Manifesting properly

What you need to know before you make a wish.

They say God loves us, life loves us. But then why is your life full of problems? Why doesn't life listen to you? It listens even more carefully than you think. About the secret of what life really looks out for.

About this video:

This video is about a really exciting topic: manifesting. Sounds great: manifesting one's own wishes; shaping one's own life the way one would like it to be. It sounds really good. The good news is: it really works. The bad news is: it works very differently than we think.

It has always seemed strange to me that there are so many books and videos about manifesting, but no one is really happy and satisfied. If all the tips were true, then shouldn't everyone be happy? Obviously, there must be some misunderstandings, and they lead people into quite a bit of trouble. 

Let me tell you how manifesting really works. And it's so simple, so straightforward, that this became my shortest video yet: there's not really much to know about it. Then you have a choice in every moment of your life. It's really simple, and nothing helps with that more than Samarpan Meditation.

Complete text for reading along:

Good morning.

I have to smile because I just started this video and started talking German. I forgot that this is the English version so I just started over again. I'm easily confused by myself.

Today I want to talk about a really interesting and exciting topic. I want to talk about manifesting: how to manifest the life you want. It's an interesting topic, and it seems to find a lot of interest. I checked out YouTube, and there are so many videos about how to manifest and how this works and what you can do. But it's interesting: if all these things you hear, if they would work, everybody should be happy; everybody should have what they want; everybody should have the life they want; the world should be wonderful.

But it isn't. If you look around, around in your life, if you look at your life, your world, if you look into yourself you see: this is not true. So, there must be some misunderstanding. There must be something which we don't understand about manifesting, and this is what I want to talk about today.

The good news is: manifesting really works, and it's even very simple. It really works. Reliably, all the time. The bad news is: we don't understand how it works. It's very simple, but we have it all backwards. We have no idea how it really works.

Usually, we think, manifesting means: I want something, and then I find ways to make life give me this. I want something, and I learn some technique, some way of thinking, some way of doing something energetically, or with thoughts, or whatever, and then God will give me what I want. God will create the life I imagine, if I find the right way to imagine whatever. There are all kinds of flavors how to manifest. I remember, many years ago, I lived with a lady, a beautiful lady who was very knowledgeable about esoteric things, and we listened to these tapes about manifesting, and it was about wanting; wanting something really intensely, and giving all your energy into this wanting. And that was manifesting, according to this source. But obviously, it doesn't work, as I said, otherwise everybody would be happy.

So, what's going on there? I want to tell you the truth about manifesting. And as I said: it's very simple. The thing is that life doesn't care at all about what you think. Thoughts are totally uninteresting for God. Life doesn't listen to your thoughts, and wishes are thoughts. Life listens to your energy. Life listens to how you are, deep inside of yourself.

And what does this mean? If I wish for something very intently, if I want something, I do so because deep down I believe: I need this, I lack this. I have my life, and I see: something is missing. I want this to appear in my life, and then I do something to get this. And life doesn't listen to these thoughts. Life looks at how we really are deep down. And what does life see there? "Ah, there's somebody who lacks something; there's somebody who wants something; there's somebody who believes: something is missing." And life supports you in this. It gives you more opportunity to want. It gives you more opportunity to lack things, to miss things. Life sees you; life just watches what you are doing: "ah, you are missing things." Life watches you, and what you are doing is: you believe, you think something is missing, I don't have enough; and then, life says: "okay, if this is what you like doing, if this is how you like to be, I help you in this. No problem!" And it will give you many many opportunities to miss things, to lack things, and to wish for things.

So, it's only about understanding what life listens to, and then it's easy. Now, on the other hand, if you're somebody who doesn't lack anything; if you are a person, no matter how poor on the outside... if you are feeling just so grateful for what you have; if you feel: "wow, I'm so lucky, I have everything, how is this possible?" If you're just grateful; even if you would want to wish for something, you don't come up with any wish because what should you wish for? You're breathing, you feel yourself, you feel life, you feel God... it would be totally absurd for you to wish for something, because you're just happy. Now, if life sees a person, a human being like this, life says: "wow, there's a person who loves to be happy; there's a person who only sees wonderful things; I help this person in this!" And you will get more opportunity to be happy. You get more opportunity to discover: I have everything. You get more opportunity to feel rich. So, it's about your very basic frequency, your very basic mode of being, mode of feeling, your very basic emotions.

And this is old knowledge, this is not new at all. Jesus talked about this, and of course, nobody understood him. There's this one thing in the Bible which I never understood until recently. I was really puzzled by this. How is this? And this is where Jesus says: "those who have, they will be given; those who don't have, they will be taken away everything they have." And I was like: what is this? It didn't make any sense to me. Why is God taking away from those who don't have anyway? Why is God giving those who are rich? Why do they get even more? I just couldn't understand this.

But what is described there is exactly how life ticks, how manifesting works. And whenever Jesus said something, Jesus always talked about the inner. He didn't talk about the material world. He didn't talk about: you have one car, and you get more cars. He talked about the inside condition of humans. When you have inside, you will get even more, and when you are poor inside, everything you have inside will be taken away from you. What is talked about there is our deepest attitude towards life, our beliefs, our deep-rooted beliefs.

And when Jesus says: "those who have, they will be given"... when he says: "those who don't have, everything they have will be taken away"... he talks about how our attitude towards life influences our life. He just says: this is how it functions. You know, I thought: "is there a punishing God, an unjust God who punishes people?" No, this is not what Jesus said. Jesus just said: "hey, listen guys, hey folks, I just tell you how life ticks. This is how this amazing mechanism we call 'life' works." If your basic inner attitude is that of a rich person; if all you see is your riches: "wow, I have fresh air to breathe, I even have a slice of bread to eat... these trees are so beautiful.... the Sun.... wow!"... then... if this is your basic attitude, then this is what will get enhanced, more and more and more. And if your basic attitude is that all you see is lacking, all you see is problems, then life says: "oh wow, I give you more of this. If this is what you enjoy, no problem! You get more! I take everything away what you still have, so you can worry even more, you can lack things, miss things even more."

This is how much life loves you: life supports you in how you are. It is totally simple. It's totally easy to understand, totally simple. Nothing complicated whatsoever.

And then, at another opportunity, Jesus tells us how to support this having all; how to support this rich attitude. Because, how to get there? And he says: it's very simple. He says: " just be grateful for what you have. Look at what you have and just be grateful." Look at how you feel and just be grateful for what is here. He says: "give thanks, that's the secret." There's one spot where he was asked: "how should we pray?", and he said: "thank you, God, thank you. Thank you." If you can pray like this, this means, you have no reason to wish for anything, no complaints. If there's anything you want to tell God, the only thing you can say is: "oh, thank you!" And then, what life sees is: this fullness of you, this contentment of you, and you get even more of that, and more and ever more.

Swamiji, my Indian Guru, he says the same thing. He just uses different words to express the same secret of life. He says: "the key for a prosperous life is contentment." He says: "if you want to grow spiritually, if you want to have a good life, the key is contentment. That is what you should nourish in your being: your contentment." Because if your basic frequency, if your basic inner attitude is that of a content human being, life sees: "wow, there's somebody who is so content, who is feeling so rich, I support this, of course! Here, have more!" And you can feel even more content, you feel even more happy, more rich.

So, basically, the only thing we have to watch out for in life is what we nourish: do we nourish our negative attitude: "oh, I'm missing this... I'm lacking that... I need this... I want that...." Do we really want to nourish this? You can do this, but now you know where this will lead to. Life listens very very closely, very minutely, and you get even more opportunity to miss things and to worry. Or do we foster, do we nourish this contentment, this astonishment about life? And that what we give our attention, that what we nourish, this will grow.

Maybe you don't feel content today. Maybe today you say: "hey, Mikael, I know you're right, it sounds true, but you know, I feel totally unhappy, I feel discontent, I feel I have so many wishes, I have so many wants. I can't do what you say." And it's good to be honest, because you can't fool life. You cannot pretend to be happy, because just this pretending is also an act of wanting. This is also just giving attention to the negative, even more so, and you say: "what can I do?" Just start where you are, and start giving your attention to that what makes you happy, to that what makes you content. You can open your eyes and you can look at what you don't like, you can look at a problem, you can look at the darkness you see around you; or you can look at the beauty, you can look at the light, it's both there. It's your choice.

But what you give your attention, this will grow. That's the secret of life.

And in every moment of your life, you have the choice: "do I give my attention to the light things I see, the beauty, or do I give my attention to the dark things I see, the problems, the things which I think are missing, and so on?" And then, this will grow in your life, it does. And, initially, it feels a little bit awkward. We have this very very strong belief: "I must take care of the problems; I must give them my attention; I must work on them, otherwise my life will be even more miserable." And we do not understand that by this very act, we make them increase. We believe: "we must give the darkness and the bad things in the world our undivided attention, otherwise they will never go away." But the opposite is happening. By you giving those things attention, they grow even more, and that's what you see all over the world. Everybody gives attention to these things, and it gets more and more and more. It's very simple. It's no big secret. It's very easy to understand.

Swamiji says... he's very clear about this. He says: "do not look how far the darkness stretches in the world. Instead, light your own light." He says: "take care of yourself. Take care of your own happiness. Foster that. Foster your own light. Look at the beauty. Look at the light in you, and this will brighten the little world around you." And if this is being done by everybody, there will be no darkness in the world, and this is the only way the world will change. But it feels wrong. We are so trained, we strongly believe: "we must give our attention to all these things which are problems." And that's what you manifest: more problems and more problems and more problems.

So, it's your choice in every moment. It's like your attention is divine energy, is magic energy. It really is like this. And your own life is proof of this. And you have the choice in every moment. What do I want to grow with this Divine energy in my life? It's like fertilizer. Your attention is fertilizer, Divine fertilizer. And in this moment, right now, you have the power to grow something. If you give this Divine attention to a problem, and by this I don't mean constructively solving a problem... taking care of the dishes or so... but believing: "oh, there's something wrong, oh, there's something bad, oh I need this." With this, you give your Divine attention, this magic power, to this belief: I lack something. And then, this grows.

And that's why Jesus says: "those who don't have, everything they will have will be taken away", because you give your Divine power to this belief, and then, this will grow and grow and grow. Or do you want to give this magic power to something you have, something you are grateful for, something beautiful... and then you fertilize that. Then, you nourish that, and this will grow in your life. And the effects of this are very very quick. Your life changes very very quickly. This is how manifesting works, it's very simple.

And if you say: "I can't do this! I'm so full of negativity, I so firmly believe in all this negative stuff, what can I do?" Of course, I have to mention this meditation I'm talking about all the time, the Samarpan Meditation, and the beauty of this is that this is exactly what we practice there, every morning: this impossible attitude, this seemingly foolish attitude, where we are just sitting there, resting in ourselves, not wanting anything, not needing anything. And of course, the wishes, the problems, all these thoughts, are constantly pulling on you while you are meditating, but again and again, you let go of them. It's like you take away your attention from these things, and instead you bring your attention back to the crown chakra, and you're just resting here. And just by this act of not giving attention to all this negativity which bubbles up in you all the time, all these wishes, all these worries, all these thoughts... just by this very act of withdrawing your attention from these things, by this simple act, by practicing this again and again, you begin to nourish this other attitude in you, this frequency. In the beginning, you don't notice, but that's what's happening.

And let me repeat: you can't fool yourself. It doesn't help if you sit down and then for one hour you repeat the sentence: "my life is beautiful, my life is beautiful, I only see beauty, I only see beauty." This is nonsense. By this very act of doing this, basically what you're saying is: "I only see negative, but in reality, everything is good." It's like, you fool yourself. But the meditation is something else. You let go of all these thoughts, of all these wishes, of all these wants, and when you do this, what remains is: not wanting, no problem. You don't wish for anything. You are just here. And for this very brief moment in the meditation, when you are at this point, that's what you practice: contentment. And this just grows by itself, naturally.

And that's why this meditation has such a profound effect in your life; that's why through this simple meditation, your life becomes wondrous, amazing, rich, because you stop being a beggar. By this act of not listening to your thoughts, even for short moments, you practice this attitude of not being a beggar, but to be rich, to be grateful, to be content. And this is what life listens to.

There's not more to say about this. It's just so simple. Manifesting really works. Now you know how it works, and it's up to you: how do you want to feel about your life, about that what you find around you, about that what you find in you? Do you want to love it? Do you want to be grateful for this? Or do you choose to want to have it differently, to dislike it, to reject it? It's up to you. But this determines how your life will be.

This is how you manifest. So simple. Everybody can do it. This choice you have in every moment.

Thank you for listening. Thank you.

I love you.