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The Door which can‘t be opened

How to stay grounded when Heaven comes.

For many people, meditation and spirituality have something unreal, ungrounded. But Samarpan Meditation is different. A video about this magical bridge that connects Heaven and Earth.

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Good morning.

This morning I want to speak about the crown chakra, and don't worry; I want to talk about something totally unesoteric, unspiritual. The crown chakra is this highest spot of our head, here, this spot here; this is meant by what the Indians call the crown chakra. And there's something very interesting, very amazing about this point of our body, and I want to speak about this, and I want to talk about it in connection with the Samarpan Meditation.

The Samarpan Meditation is a very special meditation. It is brought by my Indian Guru Shivkrupanand Swami, and he brought this meditation from the Himalayas into society. And what we do in this very simple meditation is that we put our attention on the spot of our body here, on the crown chakra. We let our attention rest at that point of our body, for half an hour, every morning. And that's all we do in this very very simple meditation. We don't think. We don't want anything. We don't want to achieve anything. We don't want to reach anywhere. All we do is let our attention rest at that spot, which, for me, is a magical spot.

I like the word magical, because for me it stands for something which happens although I can't understand how this is possible. This for me is magical. And I want to talk about this magical aspect of the Samarpan Meditation and the magical aspect of this crown chakra in this video. And I want to start with talking about myself, and I just said... I said: don't worry, this is nothing esoteric or spiritual. For my entire life, I had an aversion, a repulsion of anything which felt to me ungrounded; against anything where I felt: this is... it had for me... it had the taste of fantasy. I always go for the grounded stuff, for that which I can experience myself, here on Earth.

I was always very suspicious towards anything which felt to me like flying away into other worlds. I never wanted this, and I still do not want this. And that's the special qualities of my videos, because I talk about things which you might call religious, I talk about things which you might call spiritual, but I'm a totally ordinary grounded guy. I only talk about things which are here and practically to be experienced here for a sane human being. And... many meditations... there are so many meditations out there, and most of them for me are nothing but mind fuck, nice mind fuck, yes, but in essence, it's like thought traveling. This sounds very holy, but for me this is nothing good. I want to get out of my thoughts, not into them, no matter how nice they are. In most meditations, you are supposed to imagine something or think about something, visualize something... For me, this is all bringing me away from here. This is all bringing me away from myself, away from the ground. And I never liked this.

So, when I talk about this to you, I want to talk about something which is totally grounded, totally connected to the Earth, to you and your experience. Because what a Jesus talks about, what a real Guru talks about, is something totally grounded, totally real. It has nothing to do with any kind of fantasy or other world. But what you hear out there in books, in videos from many many people, this is mostly ungrounded stuff, and that's why people think that a Guru or a Jesus who talks about stuff like that is the same, but the opposite is true. I just told you that already my whole life, already when I was young, I had a repulsion against anything which felt esoteric to me.

And I had the great fortune, the great luck, that I have a mother who... who found her Guru when I was 13 years old. My mother was... My mother found her Guru... it was a female Guru, or still is, this wonderful lady is still alive... at a time where these things were totally unheard of in the western world. And I told you, I had an aversion against anything spiritual, anything esoterical, anything which felt ungrounded. And my mother never talked about her Guru. She left us kids alone with this, she didn't impose anything on us, it was her own private path she walked on. And this is wonderful. But a few years later, I got curious, and it happened that I got the opportunity to go with my mother to a Darshan of this Guru lady. So, I met this Guru lady for the very first time in my life, not knowing what to expect, with my lifelong aversion against anything ungrounded, and what I found there was something amazing. I met this Guru and all I could feel was a tangible, totally grounded, totally earthy, light happiness and energy which was not at all in any way esoteric or otherworldly, but just pure Life, pure happiness, here, right here. It was totally grounded. This Guru had nothing esoteric about her. I loved it. I still am in this experience, it never left me, this meeting. And this, I knew, this is something one can trust.

And a real Guru brings you this quality. A real Guru brings you this groundedness. It's not an esoteric otherworldly happiness which leads you into some kind of thought or fantasy. So, I want to talk about something grounded, something real, so to speak. The Samarpan Meditation, as I said earlier, what we do there is: we focus our attention here at this spot of our body which is called the crown chakra. And this is so helpful because it helps you to get your attention away from those things where your attention normally is: your thoughts. When you sit down and when you start doing this meditation, in the beginning you will notice that it is almost impossible for you to keep your attention at this spot, because your attention goes back to where it normally is, again and again and again: to your thoughts, to your worries, to your wishes, to other people. Your attention wanders in your fantasy to other people and what they want from you and what you have to do. Your attention goes to all the important things you need to do, to the world, to your worries, to your fears. And it's almost impossible to leave your attention there at this simple physical spot of your body. It's almost impossible in the beginning, but then you learn this.

So, it is like this spot... for me it's... I call it like an escape hatch for your attention. It helps you to get your attention away from the mess you are usually in to a safe spot. It's like a safe spot for your attention, here. And the special property of the crown chakra, the special property of this spot of your body is that it is part of your body and yet not in it. It really is as if this is the only spot which connects the Earth, your earthly experience, your body, with something else, something you don't know anything about, with Heaven. And yet, when you have your attention at this spot, you're still here. You're not flying away. You're not losing yourself in some beautiful fantasy. You're here. You're still connected to your body, but you're not in your body. You're not in your thoughts, your thoughts sit here, around the third eye.

This is a special quality of the Samarpan Meditation, that it enables you to loosen this identification with your thoughts, to loosen your identification with all the bodily and earthly things, the worldly things, and yet you're still grounded, you're still firmly connected to the Earth, to nature, just by you feeling this physical spot of your body. And yet, at the same time, you begin to notice and feel something which is beyond. It's like you begin to feel something which is beyond the spot there. You begin to notice: there's a space, and there's an energy you don't know anything about, but it's there. And it's coming to you when you are connected to this simple spot of your body.

But here's the catch: what we normally want is: run away. We don't like our worries, we don't like... maybe you don't like your life situation, you don't like your problems, you feel that this life is heavy and burdensome, and you want to run away into a better world, into a nicer world. And the temptation always is to fly away. And also in this meditation, you feel the spot here, you begin to notice: there is something else. But you want to stay firmly connected to the crown chakra. You want to rest there. You don't want to go anywhere else. It's like: the meditation helps you to get out of your body up to here, but not further. You don't want to lose yourself in the body, in your worldly stuff, but you also don't want to lose yourself in that what you think heaven is. It is like you yourself, you can't enter Heaven, because if you enter Heaven yourself, it's not heaven. It's you. You go back into your thoughts. You are back into something you think is heaven. You might not notice it, but in reality, you're in a fantasy. For me, the crown chakra is the door to Heaven, the door you cannot open.

It's the door to heaven, but it's a door you cannot walk through, and if you walk through this door, it's not this door, it's something else. You go back into yourself, back into fantasy, back into thoughts, whether you notice it or not. And in all of my videos it says: Heaven is at Hand. It's at hand: you can really... you can really put your hand onto the door to Heaven, onto the crown chakra... in all of my videos in the beginning it says: Heaven is at Hand for those who know it's Gate. The crown chakra is the Gate to Heaven, and yet, it's not a gate for you to walk through. Swamiji, who brings the Samarpan Meditation to us, he gives us the instructions how to meditate. He says: you put your attention onto the crown chakra, and that's where you leave it. Never does he say: and then you discover heaven and you enter heaven. He doesn't say anything like this. He says: you put your attention on the crown chakra, and there it stays. This is beautiful. You can put your attention away from where it's usually caught, in your body or thoughts, the world, and the safe spot for your attention is the crown chakra. But you can't go any further. If you go any further, you will leave the safe spot, and you will end up back into fantasy, and that's why I like the crown chakra so much.

But now you will ask me: "okay, but how do I get to Heaven? You say: Heaven is at Hand for those who know it's Gate. So, what to do?" I make this video this morning because I want to share my experience with this. I want to share my experience what happens if you are patient enough to just stay with your attention at the crown chakra every morning at the meditation, every morning; when you resist the temptation of some fantasy world. And what happens for me in meditation is... I have to do two things in meditation: the one is: when my attention wanders back into thoughts, back into the body, back into the world, I bring my attention back up to the crown chakra. And sometimes, in rare cases, my attention wanders away upwards into some... into some nice space, and I notice: oops, I'm not in the crown chakra. And I pull my attention back here, back to the spot where Heaven and Earth are connected, back to the spot where I am grounded again. I never want to lose this ground. So, Swamiji says: you put your attention to this spot, and there you leave it. You don't go anywhere else.

Jesus, by the way, says the same thing. He says in one instance... he says: "you sit at the door to the temple". He talked about the same thing. He talked about the crown chakra. Of course, he didn't use this word when he talked to the people around him in Judea, because they wouldn't have known what he was talking about. These people didn't even know the word "thought". When Jesus talked about thoughts, he used the word "devil": "when the devil tells you...", that's where he's talking about thoughts. These people didn't know these words which are for us very familiar: thought, chakra... but people in Judea didn't know anything about this. So, he used other terms. He said: you sit at the door to the temple, here. He didn't say: and then you enter. No. He said: you sit there and you don't move, neither go you away from the temple, nor do you go into the temple. That's where your attention belongs to, at this door. Neither do you go into your thoughts, into your body, into the world with your attention, nor do you go into something which you think might be beyond. You just stay at this one spot, that's where you are safe.

And when I do this every morning, day by day, month by month, year by year... what I discover then is... it's like... I resist any temptation to move away from the crown chakra into some nice space. I come always back, I come always back to the crown chakra, I always come back to this connection to the earth, but then it's like Heaven begins to spread around me. I don't move. I don't go anywhere. I'm here. I'm sitting here, I'm meditating. Right now, I'm talking to you, but it's like I'm meditating, my attention is just at the crown, nowhere else, and I'm here, I'm grounded, I'm connected to the Earth, but it's like this Heaven, this space... I don't go into the space, I don't go into the temple, but the temple spreads around me, Heaven comes around me, envelopes me from all sides, and I'm still here, I don't go anywhere. I am resting with my attention in the crown chakra, I'm here, I'm connected to the Earth, I'm here in my world, in my life, and Heaven comes to me, around me. I don't go anywhere.

And that's the magic of the Samarpan Meditation, that's the magic of the crown chakra. You are connected to the Earth and yet surrounded by Heaven. And all real Gurus talk only about this, this connection. It's not about discovering other worlds. It's not about discovering places. You just stay here. And this heavenly energy, this heavenly space, free of worry, free of thought, free of the world, free of time, envelopes you while you're here. It's like you're flying, but you're flying with the Earth, with everything, with your life. That's safe flying. You don't do anything; you just stay where you are. And this is a very very important point. And this is why I make this video, because the temptation is to fly away, to... to exchange our worldly worries, our bodily worries with a nice fantasy, but that is much much worse in reality. We get into deep deep trouble with this. But we have this temptation in us.

Jesus talks about this temptation. He says... you know, in the Bible, in the New Testament, there's this one beautiful story where Jesus stands on the roof of the temple... when Jesus talks about the temple he means this spot here...he sits at the door to the temple, he stands on the roof of the temple. He's not in the temple, but he's not in the world, he stands on the roof of the temple... and then devil comes. And the devil says to him: "hey, you are the Son of God, why don't you throw yourself into the air and the angels will catch you and carry you away." And Jesus says: "Get Thee behind me, Devil!" It's a picture, an image that Jesus describes: he turns his back to this devil who says this. And "the devil", this is thought. So, Jesus describes this built in temptation we have in ourselves. You are connected to the ground, to the Earth, you sit here at the door to the temple, and then your fantasy comes, then your beautiful esoteric thoughts come and say: "hey oh this is a nice world, that's where I go". And Jesus says: this is the devil. This in reality is just the old game in a new camouflage. And Jesus doesn't fall for the temptation, he turns his back towards it. He stays where he is, he doesn't jump, he stays on the roof of the temple. And that's good advice for us.

When we meditate, we stay with our attention here, and then comes the temptation: "ah, now I can fly", and you say: "no no no no no no, I stay here, here, I don't lose myself in the world, but I don't lose myself in the fantasies either". I say "no" to the devil. I say no to these tempting thoughts. And the temptation does not only come from ourselves, from this devil inside. So many beautiful meditations out there do nothing but take us into this fantasy world. There's so much esoteric stuff out there which does nothing but bring you into some beautiful beautiful story, beautiful fantasy. Don't go there. Staying here, staying where you are, in your life situation you may not like, with your body you may not like, with your feelings, maybe you have a problem with your feelings... staying here, grounded, at this crown chakra, and then the devil comes: "this is boring, there's much better places for you, come, come along!" And then to say: "no, I stay here where it's boring, I stay here!" That's difficult. This is a challenge. This is the only temptation.

To follow Jesus's advice: sit at the door to the temple and not move from there... to do what Swamiji says: meditate, put your attention to the crown chakra, and not move from there, neither one way not the other. Osho, the Indian mystic who was called Bhagwan, he says: roots and wings. He says: you need both, but he didn't say: lose yourself in the world and at the same time fly away. That's how his disciples understood it, of course. So, they totally lose themselves into the world and at the same time fly into the most beautiful fantasies. No. But what's meant is: you stay at this one spot where both are connected, where roots and wings meet. Here. That's what Eckart Tolle calls "here". This spot, here. You don't fly away, neither this way or that way. And when you have this strength to resist your temptation to escape your misery, when you have the strength and the stubbornness and the patience to resist flying away into fantasies, when you have the patience to just stay here, year after year, Heaven will fill your whole life more and more, more and more. You don't have to go anywhere. And you shouldn't go anywhere.

So, I say in my videos in the beginning... this intro I have for all of my videos, it says: "Heaven is at Hand for those who know it's Gate." You sit at this gate, but you can't open this gate, and you shouldn't open this gate. And you don't have to open this gate. It's a gate which doesn't even have to be opened. You just sit there. This gate is just there for you to have a place to sit. And then, Heaven comes around the gate, and around you, and above you, and below you. And you're still there, you still here, you're still in your life, you don't go away, you don't escape. And I talk about this at length and I make this video, because what I see happening all around me in the world is people who don't know about this; people who fall for this temptation, who go into fantasy. People who end up in a psychosis or end up in psychiatry because they completely lost the connection to the Earth. This is not what the real meditation is about, but only very very very few meditations are real, true meditations. Most of them are thought journey, and this is not meditation, this is dangerous. And if you want to stay safe, if you want to stay on safe ground, stay on the roof of the temple, stay with your feet on the ground, don't jump.

Heaven comes by itself when you are ready. The more your strength grows to keep your attention here and not go away from it, the stronger you get with this, the more Heaven comes to you, just in that amount which you can handle without losing connection to the safe ground underneath you.

And you can tell, you know... if you're honest, when you're honest you can tell: when somebody talks about these things or when you read about these things or when somebody promises you something, you can tell whether it's grounded, whether it's real or not.

But we have this built in temptation to believe the nice fantasies, and they are all around us, they are being offered to us everywhere, and this is nothing new. It always has been like this. Only very few people are willing to give up the fantasies and to just stay here and let the rest happen by itself. Most people just simply... they don't have the patience for it. They want it faster. That's the devil. This shortcut: "ah, come on, I bring you into a nice nice world." That's the devil. With "devil" I mean your thoughts. And when you have this patience, and you have this resolution, then, slowly slowly, this Heaven comes to you into your life. You don't have to leave where you are.

You don't have to learn to go elsewhere. No. It's happening here. And that's my experience. That's the unique thing about the Samarpan Meditation. It helps you to lose your identification with the world, with your body, with your thoughts, with your worries, and yet, at the same time, it keeps you connected to the Earth. And it starts connecting you to Heaven in a safe way, in a real way. When you really do it right, this meditation, when you just do what this is about, you are safe. You won't fly away. And that's unique, this. And this is needed, this is really important. That's...

You can't go to Heaven. If you go to heaven, you are on a mind trip. You stay here, Heaven comes to you, slowly slowly it comes.

Thank you for listening.

I love you.