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The one Path to true Peace

Save yourself and the world. It's never been easier.

Everyone wants peace, everyone fights for peace, so why doesn't it work? The real cause of conflict and war is something that all people have in common. Only now the time has come for a new way.

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If you tend to worry (which I don't recommend 😅), you have a particularly busy time right now: the conflicts in the world seem to be escalating dramatically. Again, people are demonstrating on the streets against violence and for peace. Again, politicians are trying everything they can to achieve peace and stability.

But none of this is new. Since time immemorial, both have accompanied us: war and conflict on the one hand, and efforts to do something about them in order to create peace and stability on the other. And even those who do not take a closer look have to admit: it has never worked. Strife, wars and conflicts are only contained, but they keep coming back.

And the reason is obvious: deep down, everyone knows that everything that seems so important - relationship, family, health, job, possessions - is ephemeral. We delude ourselves and build our happiness on these pillars, and yet we know that they are built on sand. That's why people are never at peace; that's why they are driven by fear and anxiety, because deep down they know: none of it is reliable and lasting. And in a world full of such people, how could there be anything else but struggle and war?

In this video, I talk about the one pillar that truly supports and is eternal; about what each individual can do now for themselves to bring themselves and their world into true peace - and this is also the only thing that will bring peace to the whole world.

I am not talking about anything new here. Buddha, Jesus, and countless other gurus and saints have invited us to do this again and again. But there is a remarkable new quality in our time, and it makes it possible today for every human being to walk this path that has been talked about for thousands of years. This is also the reason why Samarpan meditation is coming into society right now: the time is here, finally it is possible. It has never been easier to turn around and turn inward. This is the invitation. This is the way to peace - and it is the only way.

Complete text for reading along:

Good morning.

This morning, I want to talk about peace. I want to talk about how you can come into peace; how your world, the world around you, can come into peace, and how the entire world can come to peace. It's actually pretty simple.

There's a beautiful German word... unfortunately, it doesn't translate the same way into English. It's the German word for being content, being satisfied, and the German word "zufrieden", it contains the word peace. It means: being satisfied, being content is being at peace. When I'm at peace, when no wishes, no needs, no worries are pulling on me, then I'm satisfied, then I'm content. And it's interesting...

Normally, we are completely occupied with our worries, our wants and our needs. Our entire life is being spent by the attempt to make sure that I get what I need. And it never happens. We believe: when I have enough money, then I will be satisfied, then I will be at peace, but if you look at people who have a lot of money, they are not at peace. Or we look for this security, for this satisfaction of our needs, in relationship, in family or in material security. We want the world to be safe and peaceful, so we can be at peace. But all these things don't work, and even if we would find peace in the world, or security or any kind of satisfaction, it doesn't last. Everything out there vanishes again, and you know it.

It's like the entire human population, everybody, every single human being, pretends that everything which can be gained in the world in life is permanent, but it isn't. Your money can be gone in a heartbeat, your health can be gone tomorrow, your partner can be gone tomorrow. Nothing is forever. And because you know this, no matter what you reach out there, you will never be satisfied.

And there's this phenomenon: the better your life is, the more beautiful your life is, the more anxious you get to lose it all again, and this is because you know: you will lose it all again. It's not a danger that you might lose it; it's a certainty. And you either lose it while you're alive, or you lose everything when you die, when the body dies. It's all gone, and you're left with nothing. And you know it. And that's the reason why you can't find lasting satisfaction in life. That's the reason why you're not in peace, no matter what happens.

I want to read a few lines of a letter which I received a few days ago. "I come from Zen, and for years I practiced every morning, and I was much calmer and more relaxed than I'm now. But then, within three years, four pillars of my life broke away. First, my mother died, then my partner was gone, then I got cancer, and last but not least I had to give up my much-loved business. All of this threw me so off track that I couldn't sit down in peace. That was 10 years ago, and I made several attempts to resume the practice, but everything failed. So, now I started meditating again yesterday: the Samarpan Meditation. I don't know if I'll make it through the 45 days you recommend, or if it even will become a need for me. I will see."

I like this letter, because it puts very precisely what we are doing in life, that which is normal for each and every one of us. Normally, we are rooting our life in relationship, in family, mother, in our body. We depend on our health and on work, on the job, on success. These are the pillars of our life. And they're all temporary. And this is so beautiful what this letter says: in a heartbeat, in a few days, all this can change. But that's what we do, that's where we build the pillars of our life on: on these temporary things. And then, we wonder why we are anxious. We wonder why we are afraid. We wonder why we are not happy. Maybe you are happy for a few moments, for a few hours or a few days when you have a nice experience, but underneath is this everlasting anxiety. And the reason for this anxiety is that you know: all this is not dependable. You just know it. You can lie to yourself, you can ignore this truth, but you know it anyway. Everybody knows.

So, if you want to become happy, if you want to find peace, you need to find a place for the pillar of your life which is permanent. You need to find a ground which is dependable; where you know: this will not go away, this is forever. Then you can relax. Then, automatically, in an instant, you will be at peace. And this pillar, this fundament, can be found inside of you.

When I say "inside", I don't mean the inside you usually can perceive: your thoughts, your feelings, the inside of your body, your dreams. This is not the inside I'm talking about. I'm talking about a space which has nothing to do with this body, with this world and with you. It has nothing to do with thoughts, feelings or anything like that. I'm talking about an eternal space, Heaven, you can call it God if you like, which can be found inside of you. Everybody can find it. It's available for everybody, and when you begin to find this, you notice: "Oh, this is eternal, this space, this soul, this life I perceive there, this has always been and it will always be." There is no time.

Jesus once said: "In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is time no more." And that's what he was pointing to: when you enter this space, there's no time, there's no change. There's aliveness, vibrant aliveness, but no time. And if you build the pillar of your life there, then you are in peace. You know: "This lasts. Here I'm home, forever." It's like these bodies and this world is a temporary guest house, and you know: it's temporary. But we all pretend, normally, that it's forever, but you can't fool yourself. So, if you want to find peace, if you want to find a satisfaction which is true, you need to find the way to that space which is eternal, otherwise, you will never be at peace. You will never be happy. That is Heaven, you know: this dependable state of satisfaction, this absence of anxiety and worry, because you found your true ground, your true nature.

And there are several ways to get there, to find this. One is that you accept everything the way it is. You accept yourself the way you are, and you accept life the way it is, in every detail. And accepting life the way it is means: not wanting anything to be different; saying yes to everything. If you can do this, you can enter this space, you will find this space, sooner or later. But most people cannot do this. Most people can try to do it, and it's a mental exercise: "Yes, accepting everything"... but it's not sincere. It's just mental. It's just an intellectual exercise. But if you are able to say yes to everything with your full power, when you know: "Yes, it's good this way", then you are instantly in peace. Forever. Because you can always say yes, no matter what happens.

But this is a way which is difficult, I would say. You can only go this path if you're almost there anyway; if you are already a holy person, you just don't know it. And all you need is this suggestion: "Ah, I could accept everything", and then you say: "Ah, yes, of course." That's how it was in my life. Somehow, I came with a blessing into this life, and when I heard for the first time from my master: "Say yes to everything", it was easy for me. And then, you discover a whole new way of being, a whole new world.

But there's a second way and that's the easy way. And the second way is to first discover this space inside, this timelessness, this soul of the world, your own soul. And when you discover this, when you know this ground, when you experience it yourself, then it's easy to accept everything else. You don't need anything else. You can just say yes, it's totally easy. And you discover this through meditation, through the Samarpan Meditation. When I speak about meditation, I always mean the Samarpan Meditation, because out of the many meditations I tried and I know, this is the only one which really does this. And you just meditate every day, and you begin to discover and experience this space. And then you know: "Wow, this is different. This I can depend on." You feel... it's interesting.

When you begin to discover this space, you instantly know: this has always been here and this can't go away. It's here. And then you become peaceful, because you have everything you need. You don't need anything else. And this is a point where many people who have not discovered this by themselves... You know, as long as it's an imagination... something which you don't know yourself, it sounds kind of strange. For a normal person, it sounds stupid and dangerous to not worry about the world anymore, because you believe: then, life will break down; then, terrible things will happen. "If you don't worry, if you don't take care of it, if you don't fight for it, terrible things will happen.... I will become poor, I will starve." That's what you think. But the opposite is true.

Jesus once said... I think Judas was the one who suggested... no, Peter? I don't know. There was this one incident where this woman came to Jesus with very expensive oil, and the woman asked Jesus for permission to wash his feet with this oil. And one of the disciples said: "This is a sin. This is expensive oil, it could be sold, and with the money, we could feed the poor." And Jesus said: "The poor you will always have with you, but me you will not always have with you." And what he was pointing to is: if you turn inwards, if you have me, if you discover God in you, eternity, that's the only thing worthwhile. That's the only thing which is important. If you discover that, all the rest will be taken care of, also the poor; but if you take care of the problems of the world, you will never get out of this. It will always be with you, always. There's no end. There is just no end.

But we cannot imagine this. But for me, it's obvious. Once you discover this, it's totally obvious. And what happens then in one's life... I just said: normal people have this conviction that if I don't take care of all these things, terrible things will happen, but the opposite is true. And you begin to experience this. If you give your attention to this space inside, to God, then what happens is that in a way which you can't understand, your life changes too. It's not only that you become completely content and peaceful inside no matter what happens, but life becomes peaceful and content and free of problems. And this is a natural effect.

It's like your energy changes. The gurus call this your aura, the energy field around you. And normally, this energy field is full of worries, full of thoughts, very weak, almost non-existent. But when you discover this inside path, when you begin to build the pillar of your life there, then it's a strong pillar, and you find true peace, a strong peace, because it is rooted in eternity, and your whole energy changes. This natural, strong contentment and peace fills your aura, and it's like this affects your life out there too. It's like nothing bad can enter your life anymore.

When you come into peace inside of you, the world around you becomes peaceful and free of problems and full of wonder and miracles. That's how you bring peace into your little world, and that is contagious. This energy I'm talking about, this aura, changes your little world and influences other people, other little worlds around you, and makes it easier for them to find this too, and to enter this space too. And this multiplies. And slowly, slowly, more and more people enter peace. And that's the way the world comes into peace. The only way. But the important thing for you is that this aura is like a protective shield. But you cannot construct it by worrying. You need to find true peace. You need to find the source of true power inside of you, and then, that happens automatically.

We live in very dangerous times it seems. Times were always dangerous, but sometimes, it becomes more obvious. And right now, we experience things in the world which makes it very clear for everybody: this world is not stable. Nothing in this world is stable, nothing is dependable, and people worry more than ever. And then, usually, we try to fix the world. We try to bring peace to other people. We try to help people to stop fighting. We try to help countries to make peace with each other. But this all doesn't work. Only temporary, for very very short time, there's the illusion of peace.

And the reason is that all these people are not satisfied. They are scared. They're worried. They're anxious. Every single human being thinks: "I need to fight! I need to worry!" So, how could the world be different then in a fight? It's not possible. And if you fight for peace, it only makes it worse, because you just add another fight.

Peace happens when a human being is at peace. It's only possible when you start with yourself. That's the only way. Don't worry about anybody else. Don't bring peace to anybody. I don't bring peace to you. All I do in every moment of my life is: I'm taking care of my own peace. This morning, before I started this video... I knew: this morning I will talk about this subject, and I was more focused than ever on my own inside, on my own peace, nourishing that, finding this again and again and again. That's the only thing I can do. That's the only thing you can do. And this is not only the only thing you can do; this is the only thing that works. Nothing else works.

I find it totally interesting... so many people talk about peace and what needs to be done. They talk about so many things, but it all comes down... when you look at the world with my eyes... I try to lend you my eyes this morning... then you can see: if you, as a human being, if it's not possible for you to find any lasting peace and satisfaction out there in the world, if you will never be at peace while you're looking out into the world, if this is true for you, then that's true for everybody else. And then, peace is only possible if you find peace. And you know: this is only possible when you turn inwards, discover your own true being, the source of your peace inside, this eternal peace, this eternal satisfaction, the source of everything you really need. You have to change, because otherwise, you will not find true peace.

So, to make peace in the world, for the world, the humans have to change. It doesn't do anything to make treaties, to feed the poor... you can do all these things, but it will not solve any problem. The problems persist. Only changing the individual human being, that's the only thing which can change the world, and that can only be done by everybody themselves. That's why Jesus said: "Don't pull the splinter out of the eye of your neighbor. You, remove the log from your own eye." Take care of yourself. It doesn't do anything to fix other people, to prevent the war and the fighting of other people. This doesn't help at all. But if you discover how you can come into peace, that will change yourself, this will change your little world around you, it will make your world safe and peaceful, and this is contagious. This is so contagious. And that's how the world comes to peace. That's the only way. And it's easy. You can do it.

My Guru Swamiji, he says: "Don't look how far the darkness stretches in the world, light your own light, light your own lamp." That's how the world comes into peace. You don't look at the world and the problems, you take care of your own peace and happiness. And if you succeed there, your light will brighten the world. And the more people do this, the brighter the world will be. This is the only way. And this way is not new. Jesus was talking about this, Buddha was talking about this, all the wise people and Gurus talk about the same thing. The difference is that these days, it's easier than ever.

We live in interesting times. It's like, the difficulty in the world becomes more and more obvious, it becomes more and more obvious for everybody that this world is not stable and will not give you what you need, but at the same time, we live in an age where it's easier than ever for every human being to turn inwards and to discover that what I'm talking about. And that's why the Samarpan Meditation is now so new in the world. This meditation is very very old. It has been developed by Gurus in the Himalayas for hundreds of years, but it was kept there because the world was not ready for it. It's not that the meditation is difficult; it's totally simple, but the world wasn't ready to come into peace. But now, that time is here, and that's why it's so easy now. Now, every human being in the world, in a normal life, like you, can do this.

And I'm talking about my own experience. This is really possible and easy. And everything I tell you here is from my own experience. I tell you about my own life. I tell you how it is when you discover this in you. Life changes. The world changes. My world is very peaceful all around me, as far as I can look. And that's worthwhile. All the investment we do in the world, all the struggle, all the energy we spend on making the world better, this is all lost.

But anything you do to discover your inside, to discover this eternal fundament of life, that lasts, that is forever, that is worthwhile, that will not be lost. And you can feel it. Once you discover this, it's totally clear. You know, these things are so obvious. To you it's totally obvious that anything you can gain in your life is temporary. Once you look at it, you see: this is true. You don't have to be a Guru or a wise man to see this. It's obvious for everybody. And when you discover this "inside", when you discover your soul, it's equally obvious: "Wow, yes, this is forever." That's true peace. And this will change the world, eventually: first your inside, then your little world around you, and then, more and more, the entire world. More you don't have to do, and more is not possible, and more is not needed.

I want to say one more thing about this meditation. The writer of this letter says that she was doing Zen meditation, and it made her calm and peaceful, but this is gone now, and she can't meditate like this anymore, because then, the pillars of her life broke down. I said in the beginning: when I talk about meditation, I talk about true meditation. And true meditation means not something which makes you calm and peaceful. That's how we people in the west approach meditation, it's like a remedy for our anxiety. It's like a pill. But this is not what meditation is about.

Meditation is something different. Meditation is realizing: the pillars out there in the world are all instable. They don't carry at all. Meditation means to build a new pillar, to change the focus of your life completely. Meditation is discovering the one pillar you need which is stable and eternal. And when you sit on that pillar, you are at peace, because you're rooted in eternity. You have everything you ever will need, now. And that's why many people can't understand why meditation should be any good. For them, it's like a tool to feel a little bit better, like getting a massage or going to the sauna or to the spa, and then you feel a little bit better, and then, the worries of your life take over again. This is not what I am talking about. I'm talking about realizing: "I built my life on sand, and now I will look for the rock."

And meditation is helping you to discover this rock, and then to build your life, your being, on that rock, on this eternity. That's the invitation. It changes everything. And we live in times where there are so many problems in the world, and we have this feeling we have to do this and to do that to solve all these problems... And then there is this wise guy saying: "Forget all this. It doesn't do anything; you only make it worse. Turn inwards! Meditate!" And we think this guy is stupid. You think he's crazy. But that's the only way. When you realize the magnitude of the change I'm talking about, you realize: "All these things I took important, all these pillars I built in my life with so much effort, they're all worthless! Now I need to know what is worthwhile!" When you discover the magnitude of this change, then you understand this wise man. Then you see: "Ah, this will change everything, and only this." And for me, this is totally obvious. And once you discover this what I'm talking about, this Heaven inside, you will know too. It's totally obvious.

That's the invitation, and that's why... you know, when you look at a true Guru or a true holy person, it seems like they're not doing anything. They're just sitting there, they're just sitting there smiling and being happy, and you think: "Well, this stupid guy, he's just happy, he doesn't worry about the world. How will anything change like this?" But in reality, he's the only one doing something for the world. When you come close to him, you suddenly feel his peace. Suddenly, you're like: "Wow, oh, this is delicious!" And that's what I'm talking about, this contagiousness of this energy. And normally, we think: we must do something to save ourselves, to save the world, and it's all in vain. It only makes it worse. And this guy or this woman, if it's a woman, a female holy person, who is just sitting there, resting inside, resting in Heaven, that's the one changing the world.

That's why we still remember Jesus, that's why we still remember Buddha: this energy is so strong and so eternal, it's still here. That's what I'm talking about. And all these people who did great things for the world and spent all their lives fighting for the good or whatever, they're all forgotten. Everything is forgotten, every single life, every single effort, all forgotten, all gone. But anything which is being done inside, on this eternal rock, that's forever, and you can still feel it. And that's changing the world.

And we live in a time where this is happening right now for everybody. The apocalypse... I don't know, is this an English world? The end of the world... The original word from the Bible doesn't mean anything bad. It means something like: the big opportunity, the big change. It becomes more and more obvious that our pillars in the world don't carry, and at the same time, it becomes easier and easier to discover the true path, this inside, this Heaven inside I'm talking about in all of my videos. And that's why we live in good times: we are really living in a blessed time right now.

That's the invitation.

Thank you for being here. Thank you.

I love you.